2010 Census reports population of 5,075

Waldoboro is situated in the beautiful villey of the Medomak River which flows into the head waters of Muscongus Bay. Waldoboro has three villages, North and South Waldoboro, and Winslow's Mills. A delightful old town with its own special flavor, Waldoboro was settled largely by German emigrants and their heritage remains. General Samuel Waldo, a Boston merchant, brought over the first settlers on the ship "Lydia"' in 1742. Originally called "Broad Bay", the town was incorporated as Waldoboro in 1773. In the 19th century it became famous as a great shipbuilding center. The period 1830-1860 was especially active and the river on both sides was lined with shipyards. In 1856, 185,783 tons of shipping were owned in Waldoboro, surpassed in tonnage only by Boston. In 1900 the Waldoboro yards again came to life with the building of six great five masted schooners ordered by William F. Palmer of Boston.

An enduring monument is the old German Meeting House, circa 1772, with its wonderfully preserved interior. Services are still held here each summer. The ancient cemetery is close by. Farming and lumbering are extensively carried on. Hunting, fishing and boating are enjoyed, and campsites are available. The Historical Societv Museum is on Route 220 beside old Cattle Pound.


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Town of Waldoboro - 1600 Atlantic Highway (Rte 1), PO Box J, Waldoboro, ME  04572

207-832-5369 (voice), 207-832-6061 (fax)



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