2010 Census reports population of 678

Southport is a beautifully wooded island connected to the mainland by a bridge at Townsend Gut in the Sheepscot River. The Southport peninsula reaches further out into the Atlantic than any other part of Lincoln County.

Squirrel and Capitol Islands are in the Town of Southport and for many years have had summer residents happily returning every season. West Southport and Newagen are both part of Southport Island and offer attractive accommodations.

Southport's year-round residents take great pride in their island community and work hard to preserve the natural beauty and leisurely lifestyle. Fishing, boating, exploring the outer islands, and enjoying the unique Maine coastline - all can be experienced to their fullest here. Cape Newagen was known to all the early voyagers. In the fall of 1623, Captain Christopher Leavett of York, England, explored this section of the coast and spent four days talking with the Indians and looking for a site for a possible colony.


Town of Southport - 361 Hendricks Hill Road, PO Box 149, Southport, ME  04576
207-633-3318 (voice), 207-633-6311 (fax)

official website:  Southport


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