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Somerville is the north-westerly town of Lincoln County. It has Washington on the east, Jefferson on the south, Windsor, in Kennebec County, on the west, and Palermo and Liberty, in Waldo County, on the north and east. The town is about six miles long by three and a half wide. It contains two ponds, Patricktown or Long and James; the first being about two miles in length, and the last a mile long and half a mile width. The Sheepscot River, which has its origin in these ponds, furnishes a water-power here carrying a sawmill and a flour and grist-mill having three sets of stones. There are several other lumber-mills in the town that manufacture lumber, clapboards, shingles and laths. These mills all run two-thirds of the year. The town is about 20 miles N.N.E. of Wiscasset. It is on the stageline from Augusta to Rockland, and about 15 miles from the former. Somerville was formerly Patricktown Plantation. It was incorporated as a town in 1858.

The principal eminences in town are Crummet Mountain and Dodge Hill, each about 200 feet in height. The rock is largely granite. The soil is rocky and hard, but yields well of the crops cultivated, which are chiefly hay, potatoes, corn, oats, barley and wheat.

Town of Somerville - Somerville website
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