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In Maine each county has a Probate Court which is a judicial branch of state government. The court has two elected officials, the Judge of Probate and the Register of Probate who are constitutional officers of the state of Maine. They both are elected to four year terms by the citizens in each county. The Register of Probate is responsible for the day to day operation of the court and maintaining of records as required by the Maine Revised Statutes. Court is in session each Wednesday of the month with the Judge of Probate presiding.


The Probate Court has jurisdiction over all subject matters relating to admitting wills to probate, appointment of personal representative, appointment of guardians and conservators, name changes, adoptions.


Records in the Lincoln County Probate Court begin in 1760. On file in the Probate Court is the original will of General Henry Knox, Secretary of War for President George Washington.


Additional services provided by the Lincoln County Probate Court are genealogy research and the processing of United States passport applications.

The present Judge of Probate is Thomas A. Berry, a practicing attorney in Boothbay Harbor. The present Register of Probate is Catherine H. Moore of Jefferson. Additional staff in the Probate Court include the Deputy Register, Karen Robbins and Clerk Susan Hodgdon.

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