2010 Census reports population of 1,249

Edgecomb, incorporated in 1774, lies between the Sheepscot and Damariscotta Rivers, up hill and down dale, with pine, spruce, and hemlock all the way. Visit Fort Edgecomb, now a State Park, built in 1809 on the Sheepscot to protect Wiscasset and its shipping from possible British attack. A block house with parade ground and the remains of fortifications, stands on a granite ledge looking out on a beautiful view of the Narrows, Westport Island, and in the distance on the Edgecomb shore, a glimpse of the "Marie Antoinette house". Tradition says that Captain Stephen Clough of the ship "Sally" was in France in 1793, having taken a load of lumber to Havre, went on to Paris and there was involved in a plot to rescue the Queen and take her back to America to the home of his father-in-law, Joseph Decker, on Jeremy Squam Island, now Westport Island. The plot failed but the house has been linked ever since with the Queen's name. It was moved to the Edgecomb shore one winter when the ice was very thick.


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Town of Edgecomb - 16 Town Hall Road, PO Box 139, Edgecomb, ME  04556

207-882-7108 (voice), 207-882-7381 (fax)


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