2010 Census reports population of 2,218

The site of Damariscotta was included in the Pemaquid Patent but was not incorporated until 1847. Here is a beautiful coastal village nestled along side the Damariscotta River, the trading center for a large area. Landmarks are the Baptist Church with its clock tower, Miles Memorial Hospital and the Skidompha Library. Well maintained period homes abound. Always admired by visitors is the beautiful white house on Route 1, designed by Nicholas Codd and finished in 1800. The Chapman-Hall house, circa 1754, has been restored and furnished and is open to the public during July and August. This area was a great sanctuary to the Indians as the oyster shell heaps left on both sides of the Damariscotta River attest. In the 19th century Damariscotta became one of New England's most famous shipbuilding towns with Metcalf and Norris the pioneer clipper ship builders of Maine. From their yards came the "Flying Scud", famous for her passage to Melbourne in 76 days. Pleasant places to stay, excellent restaurants and the Roundtop Center for the Arts is making Damariscotta the cultural center of the mid-coast.


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Town of Damariscotta - 21 School Street, Damariscotta, ME   04543
207-563-5168 (voice), 207-563-6862 (fax)


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